We recruit, train and coach Export Managers, Export Trainees and Export Assistants for SMEs A Blended Program for growing SMEs Boost your career We create passion for global growth Our Program is globally certified by IATTO and qualify for the professional designation WORLD TRADE PROFESSIONAL Access to world markets for SMEs


The ITM Worldwide Concept boost export and create new jobs in SMEs. We are not only measured by outstanding evaluations - 100 percent of our customers says that the program lived up to or exceeded their expectations - but by someting that is more important - increased export.

Exports in Slovenian and Estonian companies rose by 800.000 - 1 million euro and 3-4 new jobs were created by each company the first year after completion of the program. Download E-book  PDF

ITM Worldwide is the first to offer an international trade management training which intentionally incorporates export coaching, international networking and business meetings abroad.

ITM Worldwide Foundation is accredited by IATTO

ITM Worldwide Foundation is accredited by IATTO - The International Association of Trade Training Organisations. www.iatto.org and our ITM Worldwide Program is certified by IATTO and our Diploma in International Trade Management therefore qualify for the professional designation World Trade Professional. In 2008 ITM Worldwide was presented the IATTO Ian Felps Award for "Honouring world-class achievement in trade education and develpment".

IATTO World Trade Professional - a new global profession is born

Everyone with a Diploma from ITM Worldwide (and Swedish Trade Counci) since 1994 can apply for the IATTO World Trade Professional designation if you are still working with international trade, sign the IATTO Code of Conduct and agree to participate in Continuing Professional Development. www.iatto.org

VITTI - Vocational International Trade Training Implementation Project 

Transfer knowledge and experiences from Sweden, Slovenia and Estonia to Implement the ITM Worldwide Concept into four new countries in Europe - Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Rumania.

Read more: www.vittifirst.org

ITM Worldwide is a Registered Trade Mark

ITM Worldwide is now a registered trade mark certified by OHIM - Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market and has been recorded in the Register of Community Trade Marks 2013-08-07 No 011557873.

International Trade Center - Market Analysis Tools

The International Trade Centre has developed five web portals: Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map and Standards Map to enhance the transparency of global trade and market access and to help users in their market analyses.

ITM recruitment


31 maj gästas Lidköping av Dr Fons Trompenaars

Föreläsningen MANAGING A CROSS CULTURE ger deltagarna en inblick i hur man i affärssammanhang hanterar olika kulturer i en internationell miljö.

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International Seminars May 30 - June 3 Lidköping, Sweden

The international seminars take place in Lidköping 31 May - 3 June. Participants from various countries are offering the opportunity for international networking and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

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Skaraborg Go Global - programstart 13 mars 2017

Välkommen att anmäla er till vårens omgång av Skaraborg Go Global, ett utbildningsprogram inom export.

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World Trade Manager Program - programstart vår 2017

WTC World Trade Manager Program erbjuds i samverkan med World Trade Center Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg och World Trade Center Ballerup i syfte att få små och medelstora företag att fortsätta växa internationellt. Programmet vänder sig till dig som arbet

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Internationella seminarier i Lidköping maj 2017

ITM Worldwide erbjuder tre internationella seminarier med några av världens främsta föreläsare på plats i Lidköping.

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Cross Culture - Interview in Japan - Dr Fons Trompenaars

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Joint seminar in Lidköping 6-9 November 2015

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IATTO World Trade Professional Dr. Neil parsan, Ambassador to the United States of America

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ITM Worldwide Diploma Ceremony in Zagreb http://youtu.be/818BepJD2_0

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